November 30 2013

Matthew Weait – The Lancet: The Ruins Film, Rights and Wrongs (pdf)
Matthew Weait – The Lancet: The Ruins Film, Rights and Wrongs (webpage)

December 27, 2014
En Grèce: le règne de la menace – by Emmanuel Haddad, Le Courrier

December 4 2014
Blinded by Fear: How Politics Influenced Medical Policy in Greece
– by Anna Lee, The Politic: The Yale College Journal of Politics

November 5 2014
Asalto Visual at Bogota Film Festival – by Andrés M Aros Alvarado

March 19 2014
The Reality Behind the Greek ‘Success Story’ – by Julie Tomlin, HuffPost, UK

March 8 2014

Zoe Mavroudi discusses Hunt for HIV positive women in her film Ruins

January 18 2014

Sick Predators: How a dying regime preyed upon women with HIV, invested in wholesale racism, and endangered public health – by Yanis Varoufakis

January 2014

Street Cleaning: Zoe Mavroudi Sifts Through ‘Ruins’ – Karen Herland

December 4 2013

Panel discussion at the London premiere of Ruins at Birkbeck, University of London – HIV Justice Network

November 25 2013

Stefan Christoff – Free City Radio, Montreal: Interview with Zoe Mavroudi

November 24 2013

Marianne Skovlund of Denmark’s State broadcaster DR: Interview with Zoe Mavroudi

November 19 2013

The Press Project Intl.: Interview with Zoe Mavroudi

November 15, 2013

King’s College London Post-screening Q&A with director Zoe Mavroudi

November 8 2013

Theodora Oikonomides producer of RUINS, talks with Michelle O’Brien

November 7 2013

Julie Tomlin, New Statesman: Did the press comply with an HIV witch-hunt in Greece?

October 31 2013

Concordia University HIV/AIDS Lecture Series, Montreal Canada – Post Screening Q&A with director Zoe Mavroudi

October 6 2013

Thomas Tsalapatis for EfSyn: The case of HIV-positive women and the disease of memory

September 26 2013

Julie Tomlin, Huffington Post: A Modern Day Witch Hunt That Marked a New Phase in the Greek Market

September 12 2013

Damian Mac Con Uladh for Photographed at the stake – New documentary chronicles a modern-day witch-hunt against HIV-positive women in Greece

September 11 2013

Harry van Versendaal : ‘Ruins’ – the 2012 HIV sweeps and what came next – Film documents ‘witch hunt’ that targeted infected women in Athens