Online premiere statement


The online premiere of Ruins has arrived!

After a series of screenings of our documentary about the prosecution and exposure of a group of HIV positive women in Greece in 2012, we are releasing the film online this World Aids Day.

The release will begin with a livestream of Ruins on the website of Greek public broadcaster ERT on Sunday December 1st, 2013 at 8pm Greece time (6pm UTC). The film will be streamed with Greek and English subtitles. The screening was organized by invitation from the employees of ERT and ERT3, who are broadcasting in spite of the Greek government’s decision to shut down the public broadcaster.

You will also be able to watch the livestream from the Ruins site as well as Unfollow,  OmniaTV and with French subtitles and with Spanish subtitles on Please consider supporting the online release of “Ruins” and the ERT staff by embedding the ERT livestream in your website on December 1st (the embed code can be found at the bottom of this page).

“Ruins” will then be made available on our website  with subtitles in several languages. It will also be available to download here.

We are releasing Ruins in the hope to reach out to an even wider audience than the thousands who have so far attended our screenings internationally. During the past two months, we’ve had the honour of being invited to screen our film by prominent institutions, organizations and collectives in Greece and Cyprus, as well as the UK, the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, Ireland and Sweden. Screenings will continue in more cities in the coming months. Your hospitality and response have filled us with gratitude and energy for future projects.

But there is another aspect to this project.

The legal battle of the HIV-positive women against the Greek State and some of those responsible for their persecution is ongoing. A series of lawsuits were filed in Greek and European courts and the women and activist groups who filed them, together with the lawyers who represent them, need your support.

We would like to ask all of you to support their fight for justice. The British-based organization Union Solidarity International, who funded the production of “Ruins”, have opened a bank account in the UK where you can make a small or large donation that will go directly to supporting the women’s ongoing legal cases in the European and Greek courts.

For more information about the cases and the manner in which donations will be used, click here.

Furthermore, our production team will channel any revenue from future screenings or DVD sales of the documentary, or any other income generated in the future, into the women’s legal battle.

We hope that the women will find justice. Justice for them would mean that justice in Greece during the crisis is possible.

The Ruins production team