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“Mavroudi records the suffering, bravery, and dignity of these women in this extraordinary film … Ruins is an important reminder that human rights do not provide protection unless they are respected in practice, that respect for human rights is most critical for the most vulnerable, and that those who are in a position to speak out—whether that be lawyer, politician, scientist, or clinician—do not remain silent when confronted with evidence of their violation.” Pr. Matthew Weait, Birkbeck College, University of London — The Lancet

“Shocking and vivid … Gives us reason to feel collective shame and responsibility, if not guilt.” Giorgos Katsambekis — Sunday Avgi

“A damning indictment of the media.” Damian Mac Con Uladh —

“Narrates a cruelty that shocks. It’s the cruelty of political speech stretched to its limits, where fiction dares not tread.” Theofilos Tramboulis —

“What Ruins accomplishes is to prove that the actual ruins were not the HIV-positive women. It was the political establishment.” Thomas Tsalapatis — Efimerida ton Syntakton

“A powerful exposition of how HIV stigma was cynically used to scapegoat society’s most vulnerable.” Edwin Bernard, HIV Justice Network

“Ruins points the way for all of us about how easy it is for a civilised society to abandon all reason in the face of stigma and prejudice. See it and realise that without constant vigilance, any country’s political and public health systems can be overcome by hysteria and personal ambition and the truth stood on its head by those we pay to safeguard it.” Lisa Power, Policy Director, Terrence Higgins Trust

“Ruins tells the story of the tragic victimization and stigmatization of marginalized women by the media and state authorities in a most powerful way. It highlights the prejudice and ignorance surrounding HIV transmission, the cruelty of the authorities and the media. Zoe Mavroudi gives voice to the

marginalized women and presents a decisive critique that reminds how economic crises and human rights abuses go hand in hand.” Virginia Mantouvalou, Co-Director UCL Institute for Human Rights

“Points a finger squarely at the Greek government’s eagerness to exploit age-old fears about the ‘contagion’ of women and foreigners, sacrificing and scapegoating its most vulnerable citizens in the process.” Karen Herland, Director HIV/AIDS Community Lecture Series, Concordia University